Easy-peasy, island-breezy. You’re just 4 simple steps away from the all-inclusive resort escape of your dreams. Here’s how it works:




LET’S CONNECT To get started, simply fill out our trip inquiry form with more details about the all-inclusive escape you’re after. Completing the form allows us to get to know you and your preferences, so we can tailor your resort choices as we research the best rates for you.


PERFECT YOUR PROPOSAL You can expect a resort quote from us by the next business day (or sooner!). We also offer “instant quotes” because our team wants to spend some time researching the best deals for you. After you receive your resort quote, let us know if it’s a “oh yes.” Or, if you want more options or need something tweaked, we’ll adjust your vacation proposal until it’s perfect.


GET YOU BOOKED Once you sign off on your proposed resort, we’ll get you booked and ensure you can make your payment online easily and securely. Leading up to departure, we’ll round out your stay by coordinating transfers and special excursions, if desired.


ESCAPE YOUR VACATION WITH SUPPORT! After you make your final payment (we’ll let you know when it’s due), prepare for a stress-free, sun-drenched escape. We’ll send over important pre-travel info and documents electronically so you’re fully prepared-and then you’re off! If you need assistance while you travel, just reach out to us for 24/7 support.